“No Contest” Excerpt
      Copyright 2008 Alder Yarn Books and Alder Publishing
                 Authors Rita and Ernest Gradhatch-Mauro
                      of the Sierra Alder Authors Trust

The main characters being

Lilac the tortoise
Eunice the squirrel
Solveig the long tailed weasel
Al the frog
Ingard the owl
and many others of the old growth forest!

Yes indeed, here was a puzzle worthy of Ingard’s deductive talents. Sounding the letters out phonetically, she determined that the note on the gym bag read, “CHAIR” and “TEA”. Why this bag must contain the ingredients for a tea party! Solveig volunteered to end the mystery of the bag’s contents, opening it up carefully. “Hmm…these are strange implements for a tea gathering.”
The forest creatures had no way of knowing that what they had found was a bag of shoes destined for a charitable thrift store. Gathering the contents, they found a pair of clogs, moccasins, sandals and some high top sneakers. Along with the shoes were some odds and ends, including a ball of yarn, a solar powered spell checker, some pencils, a whirligig hat with a propeller on top, a bag of rubber bands, two springs, a clock and several spools of thread. What an odd assortment of things to find along an old growth forest path. Perhaps there is a reason for this interesting occurrence. 

A portion of the proceeds earned will go to The Tree of Life Guardianship and other charities.
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